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Let’s see how many people want to be your friend then. 62) Reject every kind of help people want to give you. You’re probably not screwing up your life but also the kid’s! 76) Believe everything your shitty boss says to put you down. 58) Never apologize to anybody even though you’re in the wrong. Live like that forever and watch your family’s reaction when you give them the news. 74) Don’t plan to have a kid properly but have one anyway. I've been tending bar for 30 years and have never had a drink thrown at me before.FML Today, my nephew stabbed me in the knee with a colouring pencil.

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71) Try to please every single, person you know in your life. 73) Somehow, be the cause of a catastrophe and become the only survivor. 8) Whenever you’re angry, bash your head against the wall. 9) Get out of the house and shout racial slurs to minority groups. 14) Change your name to something stupid, like Penis Eater 15) Tattoo a satanic symbol on your face. 7) Don’t see a doctor even though you’re sick as hell. It also features a 65″ TV scrolling through photos from “The Zombie Horror Picture Show” photo book along with Rob Zombie music playing in the background.Anyone who purchases a print from the gallery will receive a FREE copy of the 272 page Hard Cover photo book created by Rob Zombie and Rob Fenn titled “The Zombie Horror Picture Book” (Shipping charges apply to online orders). 33) Go to a zoo, and climb into the area where the lions or tigers are at.


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