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The bump caused it to break connection and after some fiddeling with things contact was made again.

Try checking all screws and especially the plugs that connect the harnesses together. RV particulars: Safari Driveline (Engine, Transmission): 8.2 Detroit Miles: 80k Year: 90 Break Down Description: Shut off for lunch & wouldn't start Symptoms: Runs good but wouldn't start Effect: Cause: Fuel solenoid contacts not making Outcome: Replaced fuel solenoid, it turns out that the contacts in the solenoid can be cleaned and the solenoid re-used.

I try to do all my own maintenance and keep a close eye on potential problems, however with a complicated rig such as these motorhomes are it is a moumental task.

Note to Lil Trucker: From the description of you post it sounds like a loose wire on the hot side to the ignition switch.

So, somewhere in my coach I have a problem waiting to jump out and bite me and there's nothing I can do to prevent it. Just outside Casa Grande, AZ the engine burped and the yellow warning light came on.

The engine kept running but was a little low on power.

Called him up told him my problem and he says I’ll be there in 5 minutes.

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If you are seeking help or information to help you resolve a problem you would best be served by initiating a thread on the class A forum proper After some conversation with Diesel-Lover and others on this forum I thought I would try to start a thread concerning breakdowns on the road.

I hope my luck continues, because we make two trips 'cross country per year.

Unfortunately I have to be a contributor to this thread.

It kept running so we headed out and made it back to Stevens Point, Wisconsin without further incident.

I took the coach up to my dealer who looked the coach over from front to back but they couldn't find a thing wrong with it. We had just bought our rig and was heading down to Tombstone for the weekend with a few friends.


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