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Applying the law of elasticity to sex he add: "In terms of the degree of sexual needs, it varies from person to person, day to day and moment to moment.

So I suppose if you want to pursue a date you have to think about how important it is to give other things up." "A friend of mine [who works in the financial sector] went on a date with an American investment banker and she puts him through due diligence.

Antonioni explained that the move is not for the good of sex workers.

"It is the kind of thing that is justified under feminism [but] takes over the lives of some of the most vulnerable people and places them in a worse situation.

"Supposedly there are two types of people who visit a sex worker.

Some of them are your semi-psycho drunken guys with violent tendencies and some of them are generally quiet nice people who would actually worry about getting caught and getting a criminal offence for it because remember its criminalising buyers not sellers.

It might include a bachelor pad in a nice part of town, for example, so dating costs are just costs at different points. "I know this is a really brutal and cynical way to look at it," he said, adding that he was looking at sex purely as an economist.The Oxford graduate described how people weigh up how much an orgasm is worth to them before and after the event - without even realising it. Antonioni explained: "Have you thought of the opportunity cost of the time you are spending whilst pursuing your pleasure?If it is not costing you money for resources, then it is costing you in time.Dave Kergan always knew his cat, Eddie, was special.Kergan, who lives in Wasaga Beach, Ont., adopted Eddie from a local shelter. Peter Antonioni, co-author of Economics for Dummies, has joined high-profile speakers including Yanis Varoufakis, Rory Sutherland and Martin Wolf - to speak on the pecuniary theories behind the world's favourite leisure activity.


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    Manley is on the same page, but his reasoning is more economical: “Guys still [usually] make more money than women, so they should offer to pay, regardless of whoever asked out whom,” he says.