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And at one point was evening cussing about the other managers that use to be there and bragging.If this is who we get to be your customer service manager and using cursing words on the floor to have me as the customer hear them then I dont have to shop there.The company also owns 70 shopping centers and a dairy farm that sells one-third of its products to Ingles Markets and the rest to other distributors.

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Ive noticed the other manager isnt there anymore the dark hair manager.

The shelves are low at times and the shelves isnt neat like they use to be before.

It seems the store isnt as focused as it should be or like I was use to seeing with the dark haired manager.

If I see the teen again I will encourage them to mmakettheir pparents aware and help make sure something like this does not happen to another Iinnocent cashier.

For an adult to cover ttheir uunprofessional manner by threatening a teen is uncalled for.


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