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It's a sappy, romantic pop song with an even cheesier music video that follows two filmmakers searching the globe for a couple who orchestrated a public wedding proposal by playing a Timberlake song on cell phone speakers on a New York City subway train.

The album version has "f--k" in the chorus, but the radio version (and that which accompanied the video that premiered on Timberlake keeps the sexual seduction to a minimum, opting instead for lofty and seemingly genuine declarations of love and commitment.

Here is an example of a pre-sale album on Amazon: If your album is eligible for i Tunes pre-sales the submission process will include the info you need to fill out in order to set that up.

If you do not see these options during the sign up process then your release is not eligible for the pre-sale option. (***We actually recommend giving yourself at least a 30 day lead time to account for processing time, inspection, delivery, etc.

It takes a minimum of 5 business days from the date of delivery for pre-sale albums to appear on i Tunes.

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Ross Shor Lynch (born December 29, 1995) is an American singer, songwriter, and actor.Parents need to know that the middle Jo Bro’s single about heartbreak and the end of a relationship is clean and has nothing inappropriate for young fans.The video is black and white, with nothing more than an artist writing the lyrics on a wall.In early 2012, Lynch began working on the Disney Channel Original Movie Teen Beach Movie, playing Brady, the male lead role.The film was directed by Jeffrey Hornaday and premiered July 19, 2013, earning around 8.4 million viewers.Their second EP, Loud, was released on February 19, 2013, which featured the lead single and title track "Loud".


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