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The troops, and one or two trenchcoated agents, continue entering the house and heading upstairs, still with rifles ready. Upstairs, crowded in the narrow hallway, the troops descend on a bedroom. Now Dade winces, in fact we almost expect him to cry.

The court gasps, Dade's father winces JUDGE ..sentence you to probation, under which you are forbidden to own or operate a computer or touch tone telephone, until the day of your eighteenth birthday.

Dade is hacking, the latino kid who was on the phone to Venezuela is running a demo involving dirty-dancing skeletons.

KID So, um, what's your interest in Kate Libby, eh?

The "America First" tape slides out of the VTR and is replaced by an episode of "The Outer Limits" as Dade watches, drinks Coke and smiles, full of himself. Suddenly, the ARPS screen is replaced by an ominous message: U HAVE TREAD UPON MY DOMAIN & MUST NOW SUFFER WHO R U?

At the station, a robotic arm selects a videotape from a huge rack of thousands of tapes.

In the OTV Studios security department, a phone rings, a man answers nervously.

Listen, I'm in big trouble, do you know anything about computers? Kawasaki, and if I don't get it in, he's gonna ask me to commit Hari Kari... (pause) Could you, uh, read me the number on the modem? DADE It's a little boxy thing, Norm, with switches on it...

Now, in regular motion, the battering ram breaks open the front door. He makes a beeline (dodging moving boxes) for the fridge. (pause) Well yes, he could be playing with himself. Dade's screen dissolves into: ACID BURN DADE Unbelievable. Then the screen changes again: ACID BURN SEZ LEAVE B 4 U R EXPUNGED "The Outer Limits" suddenly flashes off. The tape changer machines at OTV are swamped, sometimes fighting over the same tape. The message comes up on Dade's computer screen: I WILL SWAT U LIKE THE FLY U R More dueling tape changers, more half second video clips. I WILL SNAP YOUR BACK LIKE A TOOTHPICK As the duel continues, Dade types back a taunt of his own: MESS WITH THE BEST DIE LIKE THE REST One last from Acid Burn: YOU ARE TERMINATED Then his own computer confirms for him that the connection is terminated. Exterior view from the aircraft of approaching New York City.


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