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”), just for fun (“if you could take a vacation anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

”), or related to the type of work the group is doing.

It is a place where you play games with genres from puzzle to action, and play to win prizes such as hair styles, clothing, furniture, pets and everything else you need for your virtual life. Hang out with friends in the fabulous dance clubs, coffee shops, beaches, and shopping venues in our World. You have your own Condo and quests to perform as you rise through the ranks of the role playing meta game that glues the experience together. Even better, use a video conferencing system like Skype and ask 1-2 questions about their week round-robin style.Send out an email to the group with an icebreaker question.It’s that kind of personal chit-chat, however, that helps employees relate to each other.


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