Chicano dating

A Niçoise salad is known as a “salade Niçoise” in its native France, where it was named for the city of Nice in the south of the country.

The original contains no cooked vegetables, but here in North America there are almost always included some boiled potatoes.

“Never Let Me Go” is a piece of science fiction that follows the lives of a woman and two of her childhood friends. Mesta was played by Ethel Merman in the movie titled “Call Me Madam”. When I was growing up in Ireland we played “noughts and crosses” … “Green Eggs and Ham” now ranks twelfth in the list of top selling children’s books.

The three discover that they are clones who have been bred to provide vital organs for “normal” people when required. Dre” is the stage name of rapper Andre Romelle Young. Dre is known for his own singing career as well as for producing records and starting the careers of others such Snoop Dogg, Eminem and 50 Cent. By the way, “Harry Potter” books hold the top four slots in that list.

The lab assistant named Igor has turned up in many movies in recent decades, usually appearing as the aide to Dr. Paradoxically, in Mary Shelley’s original novel, Frankenstein had no assistant at all.

Further, the lab assistant introduced in 1931 in the first of the “Frankenstein” series of movies was named Fritz.

The Doral Golf Resort in Doral, Florida has five championship golf courses, including one called the Blue Monster.

The current building opened in 1858, and was renamed to the Royal Opera House in 1892. Prell shampoo was introduced by Procter & Gamble in 1947.

Back then it was a clear green concentrate sold in a tube (like toothpaste).

Stingers are a class of cocktails made from a spirit mixed with crème de menthe.

The classic stinger recipe calls for brandy and white crème de menthe, and dates back at least to 1917.


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