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We simply don’t have the names of those very early Christians and missionaries; we can’t say that a certain person is the “Apostle to Britain.” Of course, by Orthodox tradition, Aristobulus, one of the seventy disciples of the Lord, is given that title in the Orthodox Menaion, but we don’t have British sources for this, nor does Bede refer to it. The real archaeological and historical evidence for early Christianity begins in the third century, and there are important fourth-century finds.The archaeological work that has been done in the past fifty years has very much increased our knowledge.Roman Britain RTE: Many of us have an idea of Roman and post-Roman Britain as being cut off from the rest of Europe, and rather wild. A couple of hundred years ago there was a view that once the Romans withdrew, society fell into shambles and chaos under Pictish invasions.In fact, there’s evidence for marauding Picts, and also marauding Germans.

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When these Scots were eventually united with the Picts, the whole area became known as Scotland. Their lands were never part of the Roman Empire, and the great walls of Antoninus and Hadrian were built to keep them at bay.

Dates are complicated though, as there were large movements of Celtic peoples before the Romanization of Britain.

No one knows when they arrived on these islands, but it was a long time before the Christian period of Venerable Bede and St. Here in England we had the native British, the Irish (the Scotti) both in Ireland (Hibernia) and in northern Britain, and the Picts further north.

One physical monument he has left to our day is the crypt at Hexham.

It gives us some idea of his great buildings at York and Ripon, which would have inspired generations of Christians.


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