Comic updating scripts

You’ve been managing SQL on Windows, but now, you want to install, configure, and troubleshoot SQL Server on Linux.

Learn from Anthony Nocentino, an MVP with over a decade of Linux experience.

You need to speed up a SQL Server app, but you only want to make index changes.

You don’t want to buy hardware, change SQL Server, or change the code.

This site was made in April 2002, so this month marks the website's 10 year anniversary!

Since it started, I've drawn a LOT of hypno/mind control/fringe fetish drawings and posted most of them here.

I'm open for suggestions (though that doesn't mean I'm open TO suggestions) and I've been looking through free hypno scripts on the internet to get some ideas for imagery and induction process.

I've also traded hypno themed art with other artists and been sent stories inspired by pictures.

I've made friends, tried new things and even made some money with commissions!

Here's another free relaxation file for you all to enjoy!

It's 30 minutes long and it's for all you Genie fans out there! I'm still very new at this, so I'd like to know what sort of things you'd like to hear more of.


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