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It can be used in combination with a Grid View control for master-detail scenarios.

If we are using Details View control in our website then we can display a single record at a time, so we must do paging with Details View control for show all the record one by oneā€¦.. Command Name property set to "Edit", "Update", "Delete", "New", "Insert", or "Cancel"; however, you still must provide the functionality yourself. are not null in the code behind but are not retaining the new values entered in.I'm new at this and I'm sure I'm overlooking something simple here.I'll post the ASP code, hopefully someone can help me with this one. Different row field types determine the behavior of the rows in the control. The following table lists the different row field types that can be used. Auto Generate Rows property is set to true, which automatically generates a bound row field object for each field of a bindable type in the data source.


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