Extramarital dating Video chat for free no sign up

But many Singaporeans, including Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing and other community leaders have rejected the proposed local edition of the website.

They even called the ad “X-rated” in press releases.

The C word While a platform designed solely for cheating sounds shocking and almost illegal (they faced some lawsites in their home country), Solène is very clear cut about the moral stance Gleeden takes, “If Gleeden didn’t exist, these people would have signed up to another website for single people and would have lied about their marital status in order to find encounters.

With Gleeden, people don’t have to lie about their marital status or about what they are looking for, it is all clear from the beginning.” Their Canadian counterpart, Ashley Madison, famously had all their data stolen in 2015 and released to the public in a delicious scandal, Solène asserts that at Gleeden data privacy is a prime concern.

We speak for those men and women who want that this hypocrisy would end one day.” They realised that they had many users from India, even before they officially launched here early this year.

Already a thriving market for traditional dating apps such as Tinder, Happn, OKCupid, the app and site now has around 1.8 Lakh users from our country.


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