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You can make savings in a lot of areas me and OH stopped going out, shopping at aldi and being really frugal things were pretty miserable but we managed to save for our dream trip I think getting good holiday deals is part of it, we have managed to save a small fortune by using a DIY holiday company like otbeach or or usually booking the flights directly with the airline and hotel direct too.We have managed to cut brochure prices by 50% that way.Some of these friends have in the past told us they have debt also and what their husbands earn,so I thought we were roughly in the same financial boat.But then they go on nice holidays every year or other year.

We don't have Sky, I only have a pay as you go phone which I top up around 10 every 3 months.So obviously they can pull off more elaborate holidays on a similar budget, if that makes sense. Holidays are quite important to us as a family and being able to travel was one of the reasons we stopped at 2!If we had four kids then we would not have been able to afford our annual holiday in the sun. Holidays are quite important to us as a family and being able to travel was one of the reasons we stopped at 2!We're saving to go to Disney, Paris but this is NEXT October so it gives us plenty of time to save.Is this what other families do,save hard or is it going on the credit card? Would love to know any tips on getting cheap holiday deals or how other families do it xx Me and OH went to china last year on an epic month break but we had saved for a long time for it going without treats and putting every spare penny we had into the pot.But its hard to get last minute deals for a large family I find.


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