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Meine Islandbegeisterung begann mit meiner Reitkarriere irgendwann im Alter von 12 Jahren...

die besagte „Karriere" endete eher abrupt, die Liebe zu Island führte mich jedoch nach meinem Abi zum ersten Mal in den hohen Norden.

I speak Indonesian, English, Japanese, and currently studying Icelandic as well. 皆さん、こんにちは。インドネシア出身のミタと申します。日本に留学生活を終え、アパレルOEM会社で社会人経験を積み、アイスランドへ。何かアイスランドについてご質問がございましたら、いつでもお気軽にご連絡ください。 Hai! Silakan hubungi saya melalui Guide to Iceland apabila ada hal yang kurang jelas mengenai Islandia!I've lived around the world, in Brazil, Spain, Norway, Argentina, England and Estonia - and besides Icelandic I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish and Norwegian.If you need tips about Icelandic culture, food, theatre, dance, art and what to do in Reykjavík - get in touch! I also publish photo books and usually have one photo exhibition every year were the subject is Icelandic landscape and nature.Search @wonda.starr on Instagram and Facebook for more.To see me in person, come to Gaukurinn on the 3rd Friday of every month, where I perform with Drag-Súgur, and the last Thursday of the month, where I perform in Drag Lab, a show I co-run. I manage a project in the Westfjords called Wildfjords.I was living in the north part of Iceland, Skagafjörður where I was surrounded with beautiful nature and landscape for seven years, 2005-2012.


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