Newspaper articles about teenage dating

Those who say something typically talk to a friend.

Statistics like these pushed Bobbi and Ric to launch Kaity’s Way, a nonprofit organization that promotes safe, healthy teen dating relationships and raises community awareness of teen dating violence.

We’ve seen our presentations grow exponentially,” Bobbi says. In 2016 we did 180.” Kaity’s Way offers two different types of sessions: School presentations, where they share Kaity’s story and educate teens on the early warning signs of dating violence and on how to get help.

According to Futurity, about 1,062 teenagers between the ages of 14 to 19 were asked about their experience with relationship abuse, cyberabuse, sexual behavior and if they sought care for their sexual and reproductive health.

While four school-based health centers did not implement any new procedures, at the other four centers the staff was taught how to speak about relationships and was given relationship abuse brochures to distribute to the youth.

A lot of times, teens recognize the signs of abuse—but in their parents’ relationship. Studies Show Early Education About Violence Makes a Difference Educating teens who grow up in households with abuse can help break the cycle.

“We’re helping these kids realize what healthy relationships are.


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