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Unemployment is expected to reach 28 percent in 2018; youth unemployment is nearly double that; the country remains the most inequitable mid-sized economy in the world as measured by the Gini coefficient.

Interestingly, Jacob Zuma has done just fine by rich Whities—or at least he was doing fine by them, until he started screwing with their finance ministry.

I have concluded that only I can do that, and if I can, I must.” Proclamation 4311, as it was officially known, was not universally embraced.

Ford’s critics insisted that the pardon came as the result of a “corrupt bargain”, and that whatever its intentions, it played like a classic case of ruling class quid pro quo: Nixon resigns, Ford takes his place in the White House, and employs the presidential prerogative to grant a free ride.

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Indeed, Jacob Zuma’s two terms have generated so much political smut that it’s impossible to know where to start. But there are other losses that can’t be so easily tallied: the millions of South Africans who have watched their most productive years slip away as the economy oozed towards an entirely self-inflicted recession.The economic implications, to say nothing of the legal precedent it would set, are beyond staggering: enough fuck-off money to upgrade an Nkandla a year until 2027. Who else among his faction would be granted amnesty?What would happen to the cash he and his associates already have?But he’s been a consistent disaster for those who are poor, black, and remain on the fringes of a system that no longer requires their massively discounted labour.And nothing Zuma has said or done suggests that he has any interest in arresting this trend—it is clear that his intention is to capture every state-owned entity, create a few more out of entities that are currently not state-owned, and strip their assets until there is nothing left but ceiling tiles and the odd granule of instant coffee.He is obligated to step down as ANC president at the end of the year (he himself announced he wouldn't run for another term), and as president of the country in 2019, timelines that are meaningless when a week represents a political eternity.


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