Railroad dating spikes

I set a box of each type of cookie on the coffee table between us, and I pulled out a plate I had to put the cookies on so the customers could sample them.

I've tried a couple dozen houses in my neighborhood and have found that someone from another troop has already been there.As he opened the door I heard a gasp and had to suppress a giggle. My Girl Scout troop is selling cookies again so we can fund our week long camping trip this summer.I bent one knee then the other as I straightened the first to get my bottom to rock back and forth as I was gathering up a box of each of the cookies. We have this great new cookie with lemon flavored chips in it.I had a little red wagon that contained my stock of give-a-way or trial cookies.After knocking on the door I deliberately turned around and bent over to get some of the cookies, staying that way because I knew that the old man would see the bottom half of my butt cheeks and my ripe peach sticking out between my legs.I heard him shift in his seat and then felt his warm breath on my butt and the back of my thighs.


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