Rhaka khan dating kurt angle

A man who in front of the entire class asked me “So, who did you sleep with to get hired?

” A man who made me drink an entire 6 pack of Beer and then do wrestling drills in front of the whole class to SAVE THEM from thousands of squats.

I wrote this email NEVER wanting anyone to see it except for to whom it was addressed. At the time; my then boyfriend, was still trying to get signed.

I kept everything quiet because he had doors opening to WWE and i didn’t want the fact that we were dating to getting to Bill.

Former TNA Knockout and WWE developmental talent Trenesha Biggers has joined the ranks of trainees accusing former NXT head trainer Bill De Mott of physical abuse and racism.

Biggers – who competed in TNA as Rhaka Khan – has published a verified post on Reddit containing an email she sent in 2008 that echoes recent claims made against De Mott.

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They made Diva specific gear for girls who didnt even have contracts to make sure that I felt alienated.

That Vince would just get rid of me for making any waves what so ever. Hughes( who I met through him being the trainer at WWA4…the school I was going to to sneak in extra training…and where I met Heath in Atlanta) tried to call (WWE office in confidence) for me. The day that Bill beat me in the ring to “Teach Me How To Sell For A Man” He (Mr.

Ive been trying to scream from the mountaintops from day one, but I was crying to his friend Tommy Dreamer while they were at Bills house, sitting at his dinner table one night. Bill let me know if front of the class as they laughed… After 3 months at Deep South, I didnt even know how to do and arm drag. Hughes) called me back and told me everything was going to be ok….. He started telling everyone that I accused him of being a racist.

” I swore to God on my life that I was telling the truth” It all did no good.

They all had a pact they watched out for each other.


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