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Formula of surviving a long-term relationship There can’t be one formula, right?I think with time, every couple figures out their own way. It’s critical to be truly tuned into each other’s desires and needs – be it psychological, physical or emotional.Pros and cons of being in a long-term relationship It’s pros all the way for me, my friend. Live-ins as a gradual next step to a long-term relationship Making a commitment to the one you love is very important – private or public.Just as a live-in relationship can have every little strength of a perfect marriage, I have seen marriages in which spouses are happy to live very separate lives, emotionally and/or sexually. If I knew where they were, I wouldn’t be single right now!

So, even when we’re in different continents, we make it a point to catch up on all matters critical and trivial.I don’t know whether to go the old-fashioned way or the evolved way of a love marriage.Although in 2011, I look forward to meeting someone new.My dream man I like self-made confident men with a good sense of humour who don’t take themselves too seriously.For me, a passion for living and travelling is everything.The other element in my ‘formula’ is hugging and kissing- a lot!


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