Spanking dating free

It’s not stiff like a wooden paddle and it’s flat so it’s important to get that part right. Once they were a matching set, I removed the paper backing, lined the two sides up with the sticky sides facing each other, and carefully stuck them together. My very own rubber tread paddle made with my very own crafty hands.And it was a whole lot cheaper and fun than buying one. Just looking at those rubber treads and dreaming of how I could make one mean paddle using those pads got me all worked up.I know the spanking hurts but I can’t do anything to stop it, and deep down I know I don’t want to. Last week we were enjoying a movie night and it evolved into a spanking night.He’s in control and he decides everything about this spanking. Dan tossed me over his knee, flipped up my skirt, pulled down my panties, and grabbed his ever handy paddle hairbrush.

Once it was in Dan’s hands, it was a totally different story. What spanko bottom out there hasn’t had the same experience?

At one point he stopped to check his progress and I whined that it hurt.

He laughed a little and told me it was supposed to hurt; it was a spanking!

First, I measured the pads and created a paddle pattern which I traced onto the adhesive paper they were backed with.

I was careful to shape a handle that could be easily held onto since it’s a bit hard to get a good grip on the rubber.


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