Taglines for internet dating

This company provides service to financial planners that will save them time.

A stronger tagline would read: * “We provide the back-end support so you save time.” Questions can also work with taglines: * “Are you wasting time with administrative work?

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Taglines are critical because people scan Websites, especially first time visitors who are just beginning to understand your company.

A strong tagline will do just that like this tagline: * “Helping organizations make the right decisions about health insurance and financial security.” Sales Spider – Sales Taglines: To name a few…

I recently received a sales call from this organization and for the life of me could not figure out what they do and how they could help me. * “Meet people online that you can sell.” The Website has many taglines and most of them come and go in a flash ad on the home page. In Control” This company does not need a slogan because they are not a national brand. PCS provides telephone systems for prisons and are marketing to large prison systems who will purchase and install their phone systems.

Take a look at your taglines from the perspective of your Website visitors and ask if they make sense and help clarify your company’s message and move your Website visitors deeper in to the site?

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