Updating tribe 2 to tribe 3

In addition, I’ll be mentioning holds, which didn’t exist as a stat until 1999.

Starting with usage, Bryan Shaw tied Bob Howry (2005) for second most times used in a season with 79.

Aside from the extra joint in their arms, they otherwise appear like normal humans.

They are also known for being able to produce hybrid beings with members of the Longleg Tribe called Longlimb Humans.

He had the 7th most at bats in Indians history in 2017 with 651, tied with Joe Carter in 1989.

More impressively, among players with at least 50 attempts, Francisco Lindor now has the least amount of total times caught stealing and is second in caught stealing percent.

As a team, the Indians didn’t really start using dedicated relievers until the 1950’s and didn’t start using them in the modern fashion until the 1980’s.

Even then, today’s bullpen usage is completely different from that period and really didn’t start until the mid-2000’s.

George Burns won the MVP in 1926 and moved that team mark to 64.

With this, many individual milestones should be expected as well and there may be more than any other season since we’ve been keeping track on Burning River Baseball.

Below is a breakdown of the individual movers and shakers on the Indians all-time stat leaderboards.

From two prominent members seen — Scratchmen Apoo and Ideo — the tribe's combat style revolves around their long arms and extra joint.

Apoo uses his extra joint with his Devil Fruit power to transform them into weaponized musical instruments, Apparently they are the ones responsible for destroying the country Harahetternia on Namakura Island.


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