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While Brennan was not the most prolific receiver for the Browns statistically speaking (and even falls a bit behind Logan in most categories), he had tremendous value on the field in ways that cannot be statistically quantified. Even on a team stacked with offensive talent, he repeatedly stood out as the guy who was always open and always seemed to be able to make things happen when the Browns needed it most.For 10 years, from 1966-1975, TE Milt Morin was a go-to pass catcher for the Browns. Morin spent his entire career with the Browns and is a player whom many argue should have been a Hall of Famer.During his time in Cleveland, Lahr had 44 interceptions, five of which he returned for touchdowns.

The Browns have had many great players throughout their illustrious history, dating back to when the team was established in 1946.LB Walt Michaels was a crushing defender for the Browns from 1952 to 1961, bookended by one season each with the Packers and the Jets, respectively.Michaels had 11 interceptions resulting in two touchdowns and eight fumble recoveries and was a five-time Pro Bowl selection.With not a whole lot happening in the NFL at present thanks to the lockout, it seems a good time to look back and review what are, in my opinion, the 50 greatest players in NFL history.You won't find any current Browns on this list, as none have had the chance to establish themselves as worthy of being included in this pantheon just yet, but there are a few who I have a feeling will find their way onto this list in the future.Beginning in 1958, DE Bill Glass spent the first four years of his professional football career with the Detroit Tigers and the seven years that would follow with the Browns.


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